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Never enough.

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Sep. 20th, 2008 | 07:45 pm

I love how the one person I admire above all others
the one with the complete ability to break my heart
goes and does it, doesn't care.
I love how I try to catch their eye, but all I catch
is that sickly feeling of butterflies
that aren't really butterflies at all,
but something bigger. Better.
Like lions, or tigers, or bears,
    or all of the above.
I love how people say they will change
and even though you know they really cant, or won't
you believe them, because it's what you want.
Not even what's best
or what's supposed to be
      or what you know will never happen
       good things like that
     don't happen to me.
I love how everything amounts to nothing in the end.
I love how if you look for meanings between lines
what you find is what you never wanted to know.

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